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Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic ecology services are required when projects are occurring in or near water (i.e., creeks, rivers, wetlands, lakes, shorelines, etc.) so that the aquatic ecosystem can be characterized to serve as the basis for baseline inventories, impact assessments, mitigation plans and if required, facilitates the efficient acquisition of provincial and/or federal permits for the project. 

Our experienced aquatic ecologists understand the importance of maintaining healthy aquatic environments through mitigating potential impacts to aquatic receptors and can support our clients through sustainable planning and development solutions. 


We provide the following services to our clients to help them meet their project needs:
•    Aquatic habitat assessments / mapping
•    Fish community inventories
•    Benthic invertebrate surveys
•    Freshwater mussel surveys
•    Water quality collection and analysis 
•    Headwater drainage feature (HDF) assessments
•    Aquatic Species at Risk (SAR) surveys
•    Regulatory approvals under the Fisheries Act, Species at Risk Act and / or the Endangered Species Act
•    Offsetting plans and overall benefit plans
•    Fish relocations during construction
•    Construction and post-construction monitoring

Our aquatic ecologists have completed numerous aquatic ecology assessments for culvert and bridge improvements / replacements, stream or shoreline realignments / restorations / rehabilitations, baseline studies, long-term and post- impact monitoring programs for construction, development (residential and industrial) and infrastructure projects.

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