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Taylor North, B.Sc., G.Dip., M.Sc.

Ecologist | Project Coordinator

Taylor is an ecologist and project coordinator working in the fields of ecology and environmental science since 2018. 

905-854-1112 ext. 205


Taylor completed her M.Sc. at McMaster University where she specialized in wetland ecohydrology. Her research involved monitoring the ecohydrological conditions of eastern massasauga rattlesnake overwintering habitat after wildfire.  Taylor has experience conducting fieldwork locally and abroad, including reptile mark-recapture surveys, aquatic and terrestrial vegetation monitoring, amphibian acoustic surveys, and hydrological monitoring.


To combine her professional interests with relevant social issues, Taylor pursued a graduate diploma at the United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment, and Health where she explored the socio-economic impacts of dam removal. She has published peer-reviewed research papers on massasauga habitat availability, dam removal, and most recently, co-authored the upcoming COSEWIC status report for Western Chorus Frog. 

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