Our Team

North-South Environmental Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in a wide range of ecological disciplines. We emphasize and encourage exemplary, technical understanding, as we believe this is the basis for sound analysis and defensible products.

NSE’s team includes ecologists, ISA Certified Arborist(s), certified Butternut Health Assessor and GIS specialist with certification or expertise in the following areas:

  • Botany
  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC)
  • Invasive species assessment & management
  • Ecological restoration
  • Ornithology (birds)
  • Herpetology (frogs, toads, snakes, turtles)
  • Entomology (insects)
  • Benthic macroinvertebrates
  • Headwater drainage feature assessment
  • Fisheries habitat and community assessments
  • Freshwater mussels
  • Species at Risk screening and permitting
  • Environmental permitting
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Natural heritage / environmental policy
  • Natural heritage studies, planning, management
  • Spatial analysis, cartography and other GIS services
  • Peer review services (ecology, natural heritage)
  • Expert witness and testimony

Sal Spitale B.Sc. (Western), M.E.S. (Waterloo)

Sal Spitale

Sal is a principal and co-owner of North-South Environment Inc., and has been working in business management since 2001; exclusively in the field of ecology since 2006. Sal’s experience encompasses authoring and leading environmental impact studies, Species at Risk surveys, tree inventories and health assessments, ecological restoration plans, invasive species management plans, and peer reviews of environmental reports. Sal has described vegetation communities, and identified plants and animals throughout southern Ontario. He is qualified to complete Ecological Land Classifications, Wetland Evaluations, and is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner with the Society for Ecological Restoration. Sal has published in refereed journals, been a guest lecturer at the University of Waterloo and presented at conferences. Sal has also provided expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board and Environmental Review Tribunal.
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Kristen Harrison BES (Waterloo), M.Sc. (McMaster)

Kristen Harrison

Kristen is a principal and co-owner of North-South Environmental Inc. and has worked in ecological and environmental fields since 2005. In her technical roles she has experience in Environmental Impact Studies, Species at Risk Assessments and permitting, Municipal Class and Provincial Environmental Assessments, Natural Heritage System Assessments and planning, Subwatershed Studies, Master Environmental Servicing Plans and Community/Secondary Plans. Kristen’s professional interests include natural heritage systems planning, ecology at the natural/urban interface, dynamics between ecological and social needs for natural spaces, and natural heritage policy and guidelines. She is interested in exploring, developing and integrating ecological planning tools and opportunities to develop resilient and diverse communities where natural capital has practical value and is woven into our urban structure. Kristen also brings her business, management and demonstrated leadership skills to NSE in her roles as co-owner.
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Sarah K. Mainguy B.Sc. (Acadia), M.Sc. (Guelph)

Sarah Mainguy

Sarah has over 25 years of experience as a consulting ecologist working in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and the mid-western and eastern United States. She has expertise in managing integrated wildlife and botanical studies for terrestrial and wetland ecosystems, in agricultural, urban and wilderness landscapes. Her extensive field skills include identification of both flora and fauna and she is qualified to undertake Ecological Land Classification and Wetland Evaluations. She has special expertise with Species at Risk and the development of mediation measure to mitigate impacts from various forms of development. Sarah has provided expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board and provincial court.
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Izabela van Amelsvoort B.Sc. (Guelph), M.F.C. (Toronto)

Izabela van Amelsvoort

Izabela is a senior ecologist and has been conducting ecological research in terrestrial ecosystems since 2009. Izabela’s experience includes completing environmental baseline studies, impact assessments and monitoring, prairie and forest habitat restoration, biodiversity management plans, Species at Risk assessments including permitting, as well as tree inventories and health assessments. Izabela’s field skills include identification of both flora and fauna with a primary focus on botany, and she has performed vegetation inventories throughout Ontario, Manitoba and northern Alberta. She is certified in Ecological Land Classification and Ontario Wetland Evaluation Systems. Izabela is a member of the Field Botanists of Ontario as well as Tallgrass Ontario.
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Pauline K. Catling B.Sc. (Guelph), M.Sc. (Manitoba)

Pauline Catling

Pauline Catling has been working on ecology projects since 2006. This includes vegetation surveys (in a variety of ecosystems), ecosystem restoration, frog call surveys, wetland breeding bird surveys and species at risk monitoring (plants, amphibians, reptiles and birds), using a variety of field methodologies. Through her Masters she classified and described alvar vegetation communities and assessed the environmental and disturbance factors that regulate species composition. Pauline has conducted and managed a variety of projects, including cooperative efforts between multi-disciplinary teams. She has published in journals and presented at international conferences. In addition to fieldwork, Pauline provides office support through data entry and analysis, database management, background research, literature reviews, and report preparation.
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Kristen Pott B.E.S. (Waterloo), M.Sc. (Waterloo)

Kristen Pott

Kristen is a GIS Specialist/Junior Ecologist at North-South Environmental Inc. She specializes in spatial analysis, environmental management, and sustainable development practices. Relevant work experiences include culvert mapping, digitizing field information, various spatial projects, creation of story maps, remote sensing projects, and a wide variety of biological mapping. Kristen has experience using ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Collector, QGIS, and intermediate python and R coding. Kristen has a particular interest in botany and expanding her ecological knowledge to bridge the gap between GIS and ecology.
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Grace Pitman B.Sc. (Guelph), M.Sc. (Guelph)

Grace Pitman

Grace Pitman is a junior ecologist and has been working in the ecological and environmental fields since 2010. She has a diverse background including experience with Ecological Land Classification, trail planning, restoration, species-at-risk recovery, and invasive species management. Grace completed her M.Sc. at the University of Guelph on monarch butterfly habitat selection during the breeding season. She has experience conducting primary biological research using an assortment of monitoring techniques for assessing populations and habitats. She has published peer-reviewed research papers on insect ecology and behaviour. Grace’s professional interests include landscape planning, natural heritage systems, and the interaction between human activity and nature. She has her Pesticide Exterminator License (Landscape, Forestry, Aquatic), and is certified as a Chainsaw Operator.
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Devin Bettencourt B.E.S. (Wilfrid Laurier), post-grad Ecosystem Restoration (Niagara College)

Devin Bettencourt

Devin Bettencourt is a junior ecologist and has been working in the ecological and environmental fields since 2015. She has a diverse background including experience with environmental restoration, bioengineering, visual encounter surveys, camera trap analysis, electrofishing, benthic surveys, frog call surveys, species-at-risk monitoring (amphibians, reptiles, birds), and invasive species management. Devin completed her BES at Wilfrid Laurier University and her Ecological Restoration post-graduate certificate at Niagara College. She has worked and volunteered in the environmental field both locally and abroad, gaining experience applying a variety of field methodologies to monitor fauna and mitigate human activity from negatively impacting wildlife populations and their habitats. Devin has her Backpack Electrofishing Class 2 Certification, Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) Practitioner Certification, and OMNRF Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Survey Course. In addition to fieldwork, Devin provides office support through database management, background research, data entry and analysis, literature reviews, and report preparation.
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Erin Reibel (Niagara College)

Erin Reibel

Erin brings 20 years of experience to her role as Office Administrator at North-South Environmental Inc. She joined our team in October 2020 with career experience in both the legal and not-for-profit sectors. Erin is responsible for administrative functions of the office and directly manages all financial matters including client billings, accounts payable and payroll. She also supports staff with a broad range of project administrative tasks, such as report formatting and AODA compliance.
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Benjamin Meinen B.E.S. (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo)

Benjamin Meinen

Benjamin is a GIS Specialist, with a specialization in remote sensing, environmental modelling, and watershed management planning. Benjamin developed this skillset during his PhD research program at the University of Waterloo. His dissertation was on measuring and modelling agricultural soil erosion with a focus on developing watershed-scale strategies for reducing soil loss and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. He has published his research in peer-reviewed journals and presented his research internationally. In tandem with his research, he has also participated in a variety of interdisciplinary projects in agriculture, ecology, and geomorphology by providing aerial site assessments, image classifications, cartography, and general GIS support.
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Leanne Wallis B.A. (Toronto), Dipl. Park Operations and Outdoor Recreation (Fleming)

Leanne Wallis

Leanne is a terrestrial ecologist with 15 years of experience in both private and public sectors. She is certified in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) in southern Ontario and has expertise in wetland delineation following the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES). Leanne is also an ISA Certified arborist experienced in tree assessments and the production of arborist reports. Leanne is also a provincially designated Butternut Health Assessor (BHA), experienced in the production of Butternut Health Assessment reports. Leanne has strong visual and auditory identification skills for various wildlife species and regularly conducts SAR surveys and habitat assessments, avian nest searches, bat surveys, and amphibian calling surveys. Leanne is client-focused, collaborative, and responsive. Leanne is client-focused, collaborative, and responsive. She delivers defensible, high-quality reports and provides professional advice to all her clients.
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Taylor North B.Sc. (McMaster), G.Dip. (United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment & Health), M.Sc. (McMaster)

Taylor North

Taylor is a project ecologist and project coordinator with four years of experience in the fields of ecology and environmental science. She completed her M.Sc. at McMaster University where she specialized in wetland ecohydrology. Her research involved monitoring the ecohydrological conditions of eastern massasauga rattlesnake overwintering habitat after wildfire. Taylor has experience conducting fieldwork locally and abroad, including reptile mark-recapture surveys, aquatic and terrestrial vegetation monitoring, amphibian acoustic surveys, and hydrological monitoring. To combine her professional interests with relevant social issues, Taylor pursued a graduate diploma at the United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment, and Health where she explored the socio-economic impacts of dam removal. She has published peer-reviewed research papers on massasauga habitat availability, dam removal, and most recently, co-authored the upcoming COSEWIC status report for Western Chorus Frog.
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