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Aquatic and Terrestrial Inventory & Assessment

Aquatic and Terrestrial Inventory & Assessments are essential for informing land use planning and natural areas management. Whether as part of an environmental study being completed as part of a larger subwatershed study, a development application ranging in scale from a single-family home to a subdivision, or ecological field surveys undertaken to inform a natural area management plan, NSE has the experience and expertise to support you with your project. 

We have qualified staff with expertise to undertake comprehensive biological inventories, supported by GIS-based mapping, including: 

  • wildlife surveys (birds, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals) 

  • vegetation inventories and Ecological Land Classification (ELC) 

  • wetland evaluation 

  • soil classification and description 

  • benthic invertebrate sampling 

  • fish community sampling

  • significant wildlife habitat screening, surveys and assessment 

  • Species-At-Risk (SAR) surveys 

  • invasive species inventories 

  • tree surveys and assessments by ISA Certified Arborists 

  • butternut health assessment 

  • aquatic habitat assessment 

  • headwater drainage feature assessment 

  • natural environment system identification and planning 

 Projects We've Worked On

  • Credit Valley Conservation Grassland Birds

  • Mississauga Natural Areas System (NAS)

  • Aurora 2B Benthic Invertebrate Monitoring

  • City of Mississauga Emerald Ash Borer Survey

  • Town of Aurora Eco-Park

  • Killarney Provincial Park Signature Site Natural Science Study

  • Windsor-Essex Parkway Species-At-Risk Study (City of Windsor)

  • City of Vaughan Natural Heritage Network

  • City of Cambridge Tree Health Survey

  • Huron Natural Area, Kitchener

  • Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills ESA Evaluation (City of London)


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