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Ecological Restoration Plans

Ecological restoration of our natural environment is becoming even more important as a means to enhance degraded natural areas, or recreate new natural areas as part of enhancing our natural environment. Ecological restoration may be required as part of development applications, an infraction of a bylaw or regulation, or identified by a public agency as part of a broader initiative.  

We develop restoration plans for park and natural area management, compensation for development impacts, mitigation and habitat enhancement. Our Team’s expertise includes site assessment, concept design and species and seed mix selection. Services include: 

  • Ecological Restoration Plans

  • Invasive Species Management

  • Habitat Creation and Enhancement

  • Ecological Monitoring (vegetation, wildlife, wetland, aquatic ecosystems)

  • Grassland, forest, wetland and aquatic habitat restoration

 Projects We've Worked On

  • Creditview Wetland and Windrush Woods Restoration Plan (City of Mississauga)

  • Boyne Valley Restoration Plan (City of Milton)

  • Restoration of Small White Lady's-Slipper, Turkey Point Wilderness Area

  • Riverstone Golf Course Restoration Plan (City of Brampton)

  • City View Park Escarpment Restoration (City of Burlington)

  • Cootes Paradise Restoration, (Cities of Burlington and Hamilton)

  • Red Cedar Savannah Restoration Plan (Point Pelee National Park)

  • Niagara-on-the-Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Bruce Trail Conifer Plantation Restoration

  • Glen Stewart Ravine Park Management Plan (City of Toronto)

  • Sandbanks Provincial Park Restoration Plan


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