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GIS / Remote Sensing

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology allows North-South Environmental (NSE) to support a wide variety of environmental projects. We offer the following GIS and remote sensing service areas:

  • Land Cover Mapping

  • Historical Image Mosaicking

  • Agricultural Erosion Modelling

  • Consulting Services for UAV Data Collection

  • Satellite Imagery Classifications

  • Habitat Suitability Models

  • Landscape Ecology Models

  • Spatial Statistics

Land Cover Mapping
Mapping changes in land cover is important for tracking environmental sustainability goals and for policy planning. To help you make more informed decisions, NSE offers a land cover mapping service that leverages LiDAR and very-high resolution multispectral imagery to map land cover at a sub-meter resolution. Based on your project needs, land cover can be mapped for multiple years to identify trends in urban greenspace, urban canopy cover, impervious cover, or general trends in regional land cover. We also offer ortho-image interpretation for mapping ELC communities and forest cover. 

Landscape Ecology Modelling
The field of landscape ecology is becoming increasingly more important as landscape fragmentation has become one the leading causes of biodiversity decline. There is a growing recognition of the need to connect isolated natural features to support long-term ecological flow and build climate resilient systems. To achieve the goal of making and maintaining well-connected natural systems, NSE uses circuit theory to model ecological flow for Natural Heritage System mapping, habitat connectivity modelling, climate resilience modelling, and for road ecology projects.  

Spatial Statistics
Quantifying the impacts of a restoration project on the connectivity of a Natural Heritage System, evaluating the accessibility of urban greenspace, or modelling the equitable distribution of parks in a city, are all environmental problems that can only be quantified with spatial statistics in a GIS To help facilitate more informed decisions for policy makers and urban planners, NSE couples GIS models with your spatial datasets to quantify your environmental questions with concrete numbers.


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