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photo of Benjamin Meinen

Benjamin Meinen, B.E.S., PhD.

GIS Specialist

Benjamin is a GIS Specialist, with a specialization in remote sensing, environmental modelling, and watershed management planning

905-854-1112 ext. 208


Benjamin has a PhD in Geography (University of Waterloo) and a BES in Geography and Environmental Management (University of Waterloo) with a minor in Computer Science. His dissertation was on measuring and modelling agricultural soil erosion with a focus on developing watershed-scale strategies for reducing soil loss and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. He has a diverse academic background with practical experience in environmental modelling, agriculture, cartography, statistical analysis (R), and remote sensing. 
Benjamin’s remote sensing experience includes orthoimage interpretation for Ecological Land Classifications, applying machine learning classification techniques (e.g., Maximum Likelihood Classifier, Support Vector Machine) for sub-meter Land Use/Land Cover image classifications, and multispectral image analysis for precision agriculture. His experience in remote sensing was gained by providing mapping support for Environmental Impact Studies and through his graduate studies.

Benjamin’s experience with photogrammetry includes using imagery from both low and mid-altitude remote sensing platforms. He is an expert in the application of the Structure-from-Motion Multi-view Stereo (SfM-MVS) workflow for mapping complex landscapes with airborne platforms (e.g., UAVs) with five peer-reviewed publications on the subject. His experience with low-altitude platforms is complemented with his recent work experience using SfM-MVS and mid-altitude aerial imagery to create seamless historical image mosaics (1928/1929) of Kejimkujik National Park and Lake Rossignol for Parks Canada. 

In addition to his remote sensing and photogrammetry experience, Benjamin also has experience with mapping Natural Heritage Systems. He is currently mapping the Natural Heritage System for both Bruce County and the County of Lennox and Addington using state-of-the-art circuit theory models. Benjamin has also participated in the refinement of the Provincially-mapped Growth Plan Natural Heritage System within Simcoe County as part of their Municipal Comprehensive Review.

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