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photo of Devin Bettencourt

Devin Bettencourt, B.A., PGCert.

Ecologist | ISA Certified Arborist (ON-2831A)

Devin has been working in the environmental field since 2017 and has been with North-South Environmental Inc. since 2020.

905-854-1112 ext. 211


Devin's responsibilities include various fieldwork (flora and fauna surveys, road ecology monitoring, wildlife habitat assessments, etc.), data management, technical analyses, report preparation, environmental impact studies and assessments, species at risk (SAR) screening, natural heritage system planning, policy support and more. 

Devin has extensive experience working with SAR, such as southern Ontario herpetofauna and bat species. She has experience with visual encounter surveys (VES), cover board surveys, mark-recapture surveys, Marsh Monitoring Protocol (MMP), hibernacula surveys, turtle hatchery management, road mortality surveys, and installment of acoustic recorders and mist nets for bat species monitoring. Additionally, Devin has experience implementing bioengineering techniques (e.g., cable and log debris jams, crib walls, flora planting, invasive species removal, etc.) to minimize bank erosion and design aquatic habitat preferrable for fish SAR. 

Additional experience includes electrofishing, benthic collection and identification surveys (kick-and-sweep method), bird call surveys, amphibian (frog and salamander surveys), aquatic habitat assessment (fish habitat mapping, instream channel characteristics, evaluating natural vegetative cover, bank erosion, etc.). 

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