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photo of Izabela van Amelsvoort

Izabela van Amelsvoort, B.Sc., M.F.C.

Senior Ecologist | Project Manager

Izabela is a senior ecologist and has been conducting ecological research in terrestrial ecosystems since 2009. 



Izabela has a Masters degree in Forest Conservation (M.F.C., University of Toronto), and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Ecology (University of Guelph). Izabela has a strong background in forestry, wetlands, botany and zoology. She has experience in various sectors including natural heritage system planning, land development, transportation and infrastructure, mining, renewable energy, and oil and gas. 

Izabela has considerable experience developing, leading and conducting comprehensive wildlife, plant and habitat surveys, environmental impact studies, natural heritage feature assessments, and constraint analyses. She has developed vegetation and habitat restoration plans, invasive species management plans, and conducted Species at Risk habitat assessment including studies to determine their habitat preferences (Whip-poor-will). Izabela’s strength on a project are communication, organization, and critical thinking from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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