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photo of Kristen Harrison

Kristen Harrison, B.E.S., M.Sc.

Principal | Senior Ecologist

Kristen is a principal and co-owner of North-South Environmental Inc. and has worked in ecological and environmental fields since 2005.

905-854-1112 ext. 203


Kristen participates on projects in a variety of capacities such as contributing technical team member, project manager/technical lead, and senior technical and quality review. Kristen has experience in various sectors including natural heritage systems, land development, transportation (MTO, municipal) and buried linear infrastructure. Within these sectors, her project experience has ranged from natural features assessments and constraints assessments, environmental impact studies, Species at Risk assessments and permitting, municipal class and provincial environmental assessments, pre-environmental assessment feasibility studies, natural heritage system assessments, subwatershed studies, master environmental servicing plans and community/secondary plans.

Over the course of her career, Kristen has developed a strong professional interest in landscape and planning ecology. She is interested in systems-based natural heritage system planning, ecology at the natural/urban interface and the intersection of ecological and social needs for natural spaces in urban and urbanizing areas. Kristen is keenly interested in exploring, developing and integrating ecological planning tools and opportunities to develop resilient and diverse communities where natural capital has practical value and is woven into our urban structure.

Kristen’s greatest strengths on a project are communication, critical thinking, a solutions-based approach and an ability to understand and integrate complex ideas and/or multidisciplinary requirements. These skills allow her to move readily between technical work, public and client presentations and meetings, and developing and managing initiatives or projects to achieve positive outcomes. Kristen easily adapts to a variety of roles and responsibilities effectively and professionally to provide the appropriate level of support to each project.

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