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photo of Leanne Wallis

Leanne Wallis, B.A., PGDip.

Senior Ecologist | Project Manager | ISA Certified Arborist (ON-2484A)

Leanne is a terrestrial ecologist with 15 years experience in both private and public sectors.

905-854-1112 ext. 201


Prior to joining NSE, she accumulated a diverse range of experience in both private and public sectors, including WSP Canada, Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Parks Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). She is a life member and Treasurer of the Field Botanists of Ontario (FBO).

Leanne is a recognized expert in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) in southern Ontario, having 15 years of ELC field experience classifying and assessing terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic communities. She is an expert at natural heritage feature identification including wetland delineation following the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES). As an ISA Certified Arborist, she is experienced in tree assessments and the production of arborist reports. As a provincially designated Butternut Health Assessor (BHA), she is experienced in Butternut tree assessments and the production of Butternut Health Assessment reports. 

Leanne has strong visual and auditory identification skills for various wildlife species and regularly conducts SAR surveys and habitat assessments, avian nest searches, bat surveys, and amphibian calling surveys. Leanne has experience identifying wildlife by sight, sound, tracks, scat, and other signs. Leanne has experience in wildlife surveys following established protocols, including breeding bird surveys (OBBA), aquatic invertebrates (OBBN), and wetland and aquatic wildlife (MMP). In addition, she has experience with MNRF protocols for surveying Species at Risk snakes, bats, bumblebees, and dragonflies. 

Leanne has progressively taken on additional responsibilities in project management. She has contributed to numerous EIS’s, EA’s, arborist reports, butternut health assessment reports, and other natural environment reports. She is client-focused, collaborative, and responsive. She delivers defensible, high-quality reports and provides professional advice to all of her clients.

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