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photo of Pauline Catling

Pauline Catling, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Senior Ecologist | Project Manager | ISA Certified Arborist (ON-2721A)

Pauline has been working in the field of ecology since 2007 and participates on projects through fieldwork and as a project manager. 

905-854-1112 ext. 207


Pauline has a wide range of experience including environmental impact assessments, community mapping, feature delineation, vegetation surveys, tree inventories, fauna surveys (breeding bird, calling amphibian, mammal trapping/ tracking, herpetofauna visual encounter surveys and population monitoring using a variety of methods), amphibian relocation, road ecology surveys, Species at Risk monitoring, benthic monitoring, fish surveys and stream assessments. 

Throughout her career, Pauline has developed her skills with a focus in botany, ornithology and herpetology. Pauline’s Masters thesis focused on the classification and management of alvar areas in Manitoba, provided detailed descriptions of plant communities in the Manitoba alvars and described the potential threats to the ecosystem. Her proficient plant ID skills have been demonstrated on numerous projects across a wide range of communities within Ontario and Manitoba. Although she does not hold official Ecological Land Classification or Ontario Wetland Evaluation System training, she has used these methods for many projects.


She has extensive experience working on Ontario’s herpetofauna including radio telemetry, cover board, hoop trap, mark-recapture and road ecology studies. Pauline has always had an interest in birding and completes bird surveys in southern Ontario professionally and as a volunteer. Pauline is exceptional at collecting, entering and managing data using a wide range of methodologies. 

Pauline currently manages a variety of projects at NSE including natural area inventories, road ecology studies, Species at Risk inventories and recovery strategy development. 

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