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photo of Patrick Sttrzalkowski

Junior Ecologist

Patrick joined NSE as a junior ecologist in April 2022 after completing his Masters at Wilfrid Laurier University.

905-854-1112 ext. 210


Patrick has experience in performing botanical inventories in a variety of areas, such as wetlands, deciduous forests and urban areas. He has assisted in teaching proper techniques for plant identification, including grasses and sedges. Patrick also has worked on projects involving species at risk in Ontario, helping to better understand the impacts that invasive species have on threatened populations. As a member of the Field Botanists of Ontario, Patrick is determined to further develop his expertise in botanical identification across all taxa.

During his time completing his M.Sc., Patrick gained thorough understanding of urban stormwater management. As well, he has a strong knowledge of the recommended water quality parameters necessary for promoting the health of our aquatic habitats and can discuss potential steps to meet these guidelines. Patrick is also proficient in statistical analysis and data presentation software (R-Studio, PC-ORD). 

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