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photo of Robyn Leppington

Senior Aquatic Ecologist | Project Manager

Robyn is a Senior Aquatic Ecologist and project manager that has been working in environmental consulting since 2006.

905-854-1112 ext. 213


Robyn has a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Aquatic Resources from the University of Guelph. Robyn specializes in freshwater aquatic habitat, biology of freshwater fishes, benthic invertebrates, and water quality. She is experienced in benthic and fish community sampling protocols and analysis, water quality sampling, and geomorphic analysis, which allows her to provide a strongly integrated assessment of ecological conditions and environmental flows. Although Robyn specializes in aquatic ecology, she is also experienced in multi-disciplinary projects involving impact assessment, environmental planning, natural heritage evaluations, and biomonitoring throughout Ontario for various sectors including natural heritage systems, land development, transportation (MTO, municipal), aggregate resources and linear infrastructure.


Robyn provides the necessary technical expertise and project execution experience that results in effective deliverables through all project stages from data collection, data review, significance and impact assessment, and reporting. Her extensive project experience across many client sectors allows her to provide expert review and strong team management. She has successfully managed multi-disciplinary project teams to achieve project objectives and excels in developing and sustaining effective communication within project teams, and amongst agencies and stakeholders to obtain appropriate natural sciences-related approvals or clearances.

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